5 MUST HAVES For A Memorial Day Cookout

Memorial Day is a special moment of remembrance of those who served and risked their lives in military service. To honor this holiday, many people take the time to gather with friends and family by hosting outdoor cookouts. In order to make sure that our fallen soldiers are honored properly through with this occasion, it’s important that you host your cookout the best way possible. Here are five essentials in order to have the best Memorial Day cookout ever.

Prep. Prep. PREP.

First thing’s first, prep your food. Preparation is key, ya know? Last minute cookouts can happen, but it’s best if you are prepared in advance. This includes everything from a planned menu, to marinating your chicken overnight with your favorite seasonings and sauces. While you’re prepping the meat, go ahead and prep the veggies the night before as well. Have them cut and ready to go, give yourself one less thing to do on the day of.


Condiment Corner

Burgers and hot dogs are guaranteed to be found on pretty much any cookout menu. When inviting various guests, that usually makes for a variety of toppings people like to add. Make it easy for everyone and think ahead to organize your toppings and condiments. Consider using a muffin pan or mason jars to put condiments in like ketchup, mustard, relish and more. This makes it easier for your guests and you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally squirting mustard on your favorite white shirt.

Mosquito Protection Plan

Sometimes in the excitement of planning a cookout, we concentrate so much on the food that we often neglect other things...like protecting our skin from pesky bugs. Of course bug spray is essential, but did you know that fresh herbs can be used as a natural bug repellent too? Once you’re done cooking your food, leave the grill on and put a bundle of sage on it to be used as a natural repellent. This way you can protect your guests from mosquito bites and provide some natural aromatherapy while doing it.  

Secured Seating

Be sure to have plenty of seating throughout the yard, deck, patio, living room, and anywhere else you think your guests will be spending a handful of their time. Put some thought into this prior to your guests’ arrival, so that you can be sure nobody is squished and everyone is comfortable. Hosting your cookout at a park? Bring lawn chairs, pop open the back of your pick-up truck, or encourage guests to bring additional seating of their own just in case.

Spice Things Up With Specialty Craft Cocktails

Beer and wine are also quick go-tos for adults when hosting. Sometimes it can get stressful making sure you have all of the right ingredients for a Moscow Mule. And let’s be honest, who really wants to volunteer as bartender all night? However, crafted cocktails are a great way to spice up the drinks menu just a tad. So what’s the solution? Grab a case of Bring Your Own Cocktail (BYOC). From the District Mule to our C-Suite Margarita, there’s a drink for everyone to enjoy. These cocktails are perfectly mixed and packed in plastic bottles that you can take anywhere. With 15% ABV, they pack a punch so make sure you drink responsibly! 

Wondering where you can find these cocktails? Visit www.byococktail.com/locate-a-store/ to see the list of locations throughout Washington, D.C. Stay up to date with all things BYOC and Happy Memorial Day!